Decida si en estas frases se trata de la descripción de un proceso o del resultado de un proceso.
p = proceso
e = estado
The house is destroyed. e p
The player is being hurt. e p
The wall is painted red. e p
The car was repaired. e p
The car got crashed in a very bad accident. e p
The bicycle could have got painted in pink. e p
The girl was being hurt by the car accident. e p
The computer is broken and doesn't work anymore. e p
New ideas are getting processed by us every day. e p
The frog got eaten by the stork (der Storch). e p
The book is printed, coloured and sold. e p
The desk had been cleaned before he left. e p
The book is being printed, coloured and sold. e p
The ice is frozen. e p
Her leg got broken in the competition. e p